Purchasing Art

Art that is available for purchase will be listed here.
I am also available for commission work.
Please email me for more information.
All Paintings by Aiqin Zhou©(MFA)

"Fall" Oil on canvas 30/40" NFS

"Muse" Oil on canvas 8/10' NFS

"Rose" Oil portrait 18/18" 5000$
(My First English Teacher in SF)

“Cranes Singing for the Four Seasons”
Chinese Scroll 24/36” 2800$ 

"Dreams" Chinese Calligraphy 24/30" NFS

“Cicada" Chinese Painting 6”/6” 1800$Photo by: Ed Johnson

“The Dragonfly” Chinese Painting 6”/6” 1800$
Photo by: Ed Johnson

“Hometown” Chinese Painting 24/36” 2500$

”Daosim” Chinese Scroll by 18pc + Portrait 99,999$ photo by: Duncan Robertson

Autumn & Winter - sold.
Photo by: Michael F Hoover

Spring & Summer - Sold.
Photo by: Michael F Hoover