Monday, November 1, 2010

The Jade Circle Demonstration at the Asian Art Museum

the “Four Seasons”

Oil Painting by Aiqin Zhou© (MFA)  Photo by: Junpei Cui 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

30th Anniversary of China & United States Diplomacy

In 2009 I was honored to present art at a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Sino-US diplomatic relations that was held in Oregon. In the picture I am standing with Wu Jainmin (吴建民), who presently serves as the president of China Foreign Affairs University, and previously held prominent posts such as: Ambassador of China to the UN, and the Ambassador of China to France. At the demonstration I was invited to paint 60 flowers with accompanying calligraphy.

Photo by: Duncan Robertson, edited by Billy


The completed Dao De Jin, pictured here, contains 81 panels of text, with more than 5,000 individual characters, instructing how to create balance in life. A single mistake would necessitate a fresh start, so that in preparation I needed to practice the complete piece three times. For me, Lao Zi is universal, having no time reference, past or future, and is neither Eastern nor Western. Because this work is like a mirrored reflection of my own mind and heart, my in-depth calligraphy studies metamorphosed into a new and uniquely personal style to express his thoughts.

Calligraphy & Painting by Aiqin Zhou ©
  photo by: Duncan Robertson

Monday, May 3, 2010

AsiaAlive in Asian Art Museum 2008

These are some pictures from another demonstration that I did at the Asian Art Museum in 2008. In the last picture you can see that I wanted to involve some of my students, so we all worked on the painting together. 

Our Chinese Painting Group: One World, One Spirit
photo by: Debbie Clearwater

Visit from school children

Photo by: May Lee 

Talking about the art with visitors.
photo by: Inga F. 

Thanks to friends that attended from hollywood. 
Photo by: Ed Johnson

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Asian Art Museum demo 2006

To the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Asian Art Museum

photo by: Hermine Marshall